A smart meter in every home

A smart meter in every home

Tauron Dystrybucja plans to install more than 1 million smart electricity meters (VOCs) at its customers by the end of 2025.

The introduction of this state-of-the-art solution enables the use of dynamic tariff plans and makes it easier for power companies to collect meter data. Tauron stresses that smart meters are a key component of smart grids.

Energy consumption monitoring. A smart meter in every home.

With the new smart meters, Tauron customers can automatically get a real reading of their energy consumption. This allows you to accurately control and plan your energy consumption. The eLicznik application allows you to analyze electricity consumption over a selected period and compare consumption with average values. In addition, each consumer can set a target for energy consumption and receive a notification if it is exceeded. Smart meters also allow operators to automatically receive data on network performance.

Remote meter reading in Tauron’s distribution network

Tauron Dystrybucja is actively implementing smart meters. By the end of 2023, remote reading meters had already been installed at more than 1.14 million Tauron customers. This represents about 19% of this vendor’s customers. Last year, smart meters were installed by both new customers and prosumers, i.e. people who generate their own electricity. By the end of 2025, about 2.1 million smart meters are expected to be operational on Tauron Distribution’s network, which means that more than 35% of customers will be able to use electricity more efficiently. In the long run, all electricity consumers in Poland will have to install meters with remote reading by 2031.

Meter replacement process. A smart meter in every home.

As part of the Smart City Pilot Program, Tauron will replace meters with smart models. Wroclaw and Walbrzych are areas where most of the meters have been replaced. The first remote reading meters were installed in 2014, and consequently, due to the eight-year legalization period, they will need to be replaced with new equipment. Meter replacement is carried out by authorized representatives of Tauron Dystrybucja (both company employees and subcontractors). Customers do not need to be present during the exchange, unless the metering system is at home. All fitters have badges.

Safety and energy savings

Tauron Distribution’s main goal is to automate the process of collecting metering data and eliminate the need to assign employees to read equipment. Smart meters save money and streamline the billing process. Moreover, with a smart metering infrastructure, power quality can be monitored and all events on the power grid can be tracked. This allows for a quick response to attempts to interfere with the measurement system. Smart meters also provide increased security of electricity supply and proper operation of the power grid.

Tauron Distribution is focusing on the introduction of smart electricity meters. The introduction of this state-of-the-art solution will enable customers to control and plan their energy consumption, and operators to automatically collect metering data. All this contributes to the security of power supply continuity and the proper operation of the power system. Smart meters are a key component of smart grids, and their deployment is being accelerated by Tauron Distribution.

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