Częstochowa University of Technology in collaboration

Częstochowa University of Technology in collaboration

Today I speak with Professor Adam Jakubas of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Częstochowa University of Technology about the RES market, the challenges facing the industry as a whole, and the work at the university.

Extremely interesting conversation with Professor Adam Jakubas of Czestochowa University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. We talk about work at the university, combining science and business, the current state of the power industry. Also about Our joint research project and many other interesting issues .

If you would like to contact Professor Adam Jakubas about technological implementations or other interesting research aspects data below:

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The Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Częstochowa University of Technology, now known as the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has a rich history that reflects technological and educational development in the Silesian region. Częstochowa University of Technology in collaboration.

  1. Origins of Częstochowa University of Technology: Częstochowa University of Technology was founded in 1949, initially as the Evening School of Engineering. Its task was to train engineering personnel for the needs of industry in the Częstochowa region, which was developing intensely at the time.
  2. Establishment of the Department: The Department of Electrical Engineering was established in 1969. In response to the growing demand for specialists in electrical engineering, electronics and automation. Since its inception, the department has focused on the practical aspect of education, working closely with local industry.
  3. Development and expansion: In the following years, the department developed its teaching and research offerings, introducing new majors and specializations in line with the latest trends in technology and engineering sciences. Teaching and research facilities, including laboratories and specialized equipment, were also growing.
  4. Reforms and modernization: 1990s. The 1990s brought further reforms, including the reorganization of faculties and the introduction of graduate and postgraduate programs. The faculty has constantly modernized its curricula, bringing them in line with international standards and labor market needs.
  5. Integration with IT: In response to the digital revolution and the convergence of technology, the department began to place greater emphasis on IT in the early 2000s. This resulted in the merger of the Department of Electrical Engineering with computer science majors, resulting in the creation of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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