How to make money from washing photovoltaics?

How to make money from washing photovoltaics?

Our first podcast revolving around RES topics

Also, forgive the fact that the voice of the interviewees is a little ”tuba” – this is Our first recording and some circumstances we could not foresee. The next podcasts will surely get better and better on the sound side.

But you have a lot of substantive knowledge from people who have been in the business of washing photovoltaic installations and farms for a very long time and know a lot about it. What’s more, they are developing and working on their projects all the time!

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/ @mansserosmo791 Feel free to contact Marcin about training or equipment acquisition.

Our cooperation with Mansser Osmo has been going on for a long time. They provide PV hand washing equipment for all of Our field teams. Without too much praise, they have fast service and are responsive to our needs and this is a very important aspect when using equipment on a daily basis!

As a company, they are also growing very rapidly. They are currently working on implementing a large robot that washes farms and large photovoltaic installations. How to make money from washing photovoltaics?

This is also something that is severely lacking in the Polish market, i.e. a device at a good price capable of washing large photovoltaic power plants quickly!

Their washing machines have water heating, a detergent feeder and remote control capabilities. If you can’t make it to them in Warsaw, we invite you to our offices, where we will be happy to show you how their washing equipment looks and works.

Are you planning to build your photovoltaic farm or looking for an O&M service company?

Do you want to purchase a photovoltaic or wind farm project and need an efficient and professional audit / due diligence?

are you looking for a photovoltaic panel recycler or cleaning company for photovoltaic plants and farms?

When you are ready to act,
then so are we!

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