We talk to Maciek about the sale

We talk to Maciek about the sale.

My conversation with Our Sales Director Maciej Krzyzanowski on the RES market, sales processes, ”salesmen hiccups” and problems with contractors.

Maciej talks about how the market and the photovoltaic industry as a whole is changing, and what changes we have seen at Lighthief. Poland’s photovoltaic market has experienced significant growth over the past 10 years, becoming one of the country’s most rapidly growing energy sectors.

Since the beginning of 2010, when installed capacity in photovoltaics was still marginal, Poland has seen an explosion of interest and investment in the sector. We talk to Maciek about the sale.

By the end of 2020, installed capacity exceeded 10 gigawatts, a multiple increase compared to the beginning of the decade.

The government’s “My Electricity” program was introduced in 2019 and has helped increase the number of solar PV installations in households. The program offers subsidies for the installation of solar panels, which has significantly accelerated their popularization.

Polish energy regulations have changed to facilitate the development of photovoltaics. These changes included. Simplification of administrative procedures for small PV installations, as well as the introduction of an auction system for larger projects, which allowed for more efficient investment planning.

Photovoltaics have become attractive not only for households, but also for businesses. More and more companies are opting for PV installations, both to reduce operating costs and increase sustainability. We talk to Maciek about the sale.

Rapid growth in solar PV capacity brings challenges to the national power grid. Mainly the need to manage redundant power and system stability.

The outlook for the coming years remains optimistic. Further increases in installed capacity are expected, as well as technological innovations that can further reduce costs and increase the efficiency of solar panels.

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