What is the process of receiving photovoltaic panels for recycling by LIGHTHIEF?

Collection of photovoltaic panels for recycling. We take the following groups of photovoltaic modules for recycling from all over Poland and Europe:

Acceptance of photovoltaic panels by lighthief

Photovoltaic panels with transport or assembly damage

Scratches, cracked or separated aluminum frames, cracked panel glass, detached junction boxes, cracked panel backs, delamination of protective film

Photovoltaic Panels with Mechanical Damage

Photovoltaic panels damaged by windstorms, flooding, fires, fallen trees or broken branches, damaged by vandalism or damaged by other types of mechanical actions

Photovoltaic panels from dismantled photovoltaic farm installations

Photovoltaic panels that have completed their life cycle and are being replaced with new photovoltaic modules from large and small photovoltaic installations

Photovoltaic panels with manufacturing defects

Photovoltaic panels directly from the factories from manufacturers who found manufacturing defects that did not allow the batches in question to enter the consumer market

Photovoltaic panels other

Any other types of photovoltaic panels not listed above

price list of photovoltaic panels reception

We do valuation of the photovoltaic panels we receive.

Depending on the type, type and wattage of the modules, the pickup of photovoltaic panels for recycling is currently between 2.50 and 4.00 zlotys per kilogram. On top of this are the costs of transportation and removal of photovoltaic panels if required. We can also quote for receiving inverters and supporting structures for photovoltaic panels. Recycling of photovoltaic panels is carried out in R3 and R4 cycles. If a certificate is needed to the insurance company confirming the type of damage or the amount of material loss we also issue such documents. We also report any photovoltaic panels for recycling in the BDO database for our clients.

We determine who passes the photovoltaic panels for recycling and what BDO procedure should apply.

The process of submitting photovoltaic panels for recycling looks different for photovoltaic panel manufacturers and introducers. Otherwise for wholesalers, O&M’s, installation companies, private investors of large PV installations and farms, and prosumers of micro PV installations.

Receipt of photovoltaic panels for recycling made of amorphous silicon or cadmium-enriched silicon (or others of that group) is on a case-by-case basis!

We issue the appropriate documents, proving the release of photovoltaic panels to us for recycling.

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Lighthief is innovation, technology and science in the service of recycling photovoltaic panels and wind farms. The company's topics of interest touch on recovery and recycling in the broadest sense, mainly in the field of RES, or renewable energy sources.


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