Service of photovoltaic installations

A photovoltaic installation is a solution that provides access to clean energy by design requiring no maintenance. However, this is an incorrect assumption. Photovoltaics for homes and businesses have their limitations that need to be controlled. This means that for efficient operation of the system and safety of use, it is worth considering photovoltaic service.

Why is it important to service a photovoltaic installation?

As a LIGHTHIEF company, we provide inspections of photovoltaic installations performed by our specialists. Such an inspection should be performed at least once every 5 years, but we suggest annual inspections of the installation. Such an inspection allows you to be sure that all components of the installation are working properly.

If during the operation of the installation you noticed visible irregularities ie. damage to the structure, panels, abnormal operation of the inverter and also a decrease in the efficiency of the installation or an increase in energy charges contact us and our specialists will diagnose the problem and find a solution.

What actions are we taking?

– visual inspection of the entire photovoltaic installation

– verification of DC and AC protections

– control measurements

– tests with a thermal imaging camera

– verification of structural elements

– check the condition of AC and DC cables if possible

– control of the cleanliness of the modules

– inverter diagnostics and configuration

– Start-up, repair or configuration of monitoring

– Repair or replacement of damaged parts or equipment

We make each service quote individually after a prior conversation and preliminary diagnosis of the problem.

Voltage reduction – LT TENSIO/LT SMART

The market for photovoltaic installations in Poland is growing extremely fast!

A very high increase in the number of solar PV micro-installations has caused a local increase in voltage on the power grid. Too high a voltage in the grid can lead to the shutdown of the inverter resulting in a drop in the graphs of energy production to zero. Of course, the shutdowns are temporary and will never make a photovoltaic investment unprofitable. However, on an annual basis, losses can amount to several to several percent.

For our customers, we have prepared a subscription service that allows to lower the voltage in the network, resulting in proper and uninterrupted operation of the installation.

How does it work?

Cooperating with the Częstochowa University of Technology, we have prepared an innovative device LT TENSIO thanks to which we are able to protect the inverter from shutdowns caused by voltage spikes in the power grid. With this device, the installation works continuously. LT TENSIO connected online with our O&M department allows you to monitor and report on the operation of PV installations.

By regularly shutting down the plant, the owner loses the ability to produce energy:

Chart. 1 South-facing 5 kWp installation with voltage problems

A 5 kWp installation that did not work from 10am to 4pm resulted in losses of about 27 kWh (6h*4.5kW). At current energy prices, this loss in PLN is as much as PLN 19 per day (27 kWh * PLN 0.7). If the problem recurs regularly, let’s assume for 50 days a year then the loss is about PLN 950 per year!

Chart. 2 East-facing 5 kWp installation with no voltage problems

The power company has a statutory obligation to stand on its head to allow the connection of any domestic photovoltaic installation. However, based on conversations with our customers, we know that he often fails to meet his obligations.

Lighthief sp. z.o.o. to meet the problems of our customers offers a subscription to solve any problems with photovoltaic installation. If you are interested in our services contact us

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