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RES recycling is the last chain of renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources can be considered fully eco only if recycling is possible. In this way, the entire cycle from the creation of photovoltaic panels or wind turbines and windmills can be a closed cycle – where everything goes back into circulation and every fraction used in manufacturing is recovered during recycling processes and returns again to the production “crucible.”

Recycling of photovoltaic panels
Recycling of RES - Example of photovoltaic panels

Recycling of photovoltaic panels

Lighthief is a company whose main mission is to recycle photovoltaic panels – all of our activities, research and business activities lead precisely in the direction of RES recycling.

In Poland, this problem is not yet recognized, although it is clear from our research and observations of the market that we already have tons of recyclable photovoltaic panels on Polish territory. These are mainly photovoltaic panels after transport damage, scratched, after flooding or hailstorms or other mechanical defects (sometimes manufacturing defects or whole broken containers that arrived from Asia).

Large technical facilities and continuous cooperation with the best equipment manufacturers
Fast turnaround times. Our teams travel all over the country every day
It is recommended to wash photovoltaic panels 2 times a year

Recycling of wind farms and windmills

The mixed nature of the material of the elements’ windmill arms makes it difficult to separate the plastic from the fiberglass for reprocessing into workable fiberglass material . And the strength needed for the windmill blades means that tearing them apart is also physically difficult.

Wind turbine blades need to be disposed of or recycled when turbines are decommissioned at the end-of-life stage or when wind farms are upgraded. This is a process known as”repowering,” which is the installation of more powerful turbines. Then, too, the blades can be replaced with more modern and usually larger and more energy-efficient ones.

Damaged windmills

What is the process of receiving photovoltaic panels for recycling by LIGHTHIEF?

We determine who passes the photovoltaic panels for recycling and what BDO procedure should apply. We issue the appropriate documents confirming our receipt of the panels.

We collect the following groups of photovoltaic panels for recycling:

  • Photovoltaic panels with transport or assembly damage
  • Photovoltaic panels with mechanical damage
  • Photovoltaic panels from dismantled photovoltaic farm installations
  • Photovoltaic panels with manufacturing defects
  • Photovoltaic panels other

We are on Youtube

We run a YouTube channel where we explain many issues related to the photovoltaic industry and show our work. See our conversation on recycling:

Disposal and recycling of panels – Talks by Rahim Blak and Marko Hernaiz

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Lighthief is innovation, technology and science in the service of recycling photovoltaic panels and wind farms. The company's topics of interest touch on recovery and recycling in the broadest sense, mainly in the field of RES, or renewable energy sources.


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