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We build photovoltaic farms are profitable but costly investments !

Investors work with Us on the development of their photovoltaic power plant projects at various stages of development. As contractors of photovoltaic farms, we are involved in their development and construction. We are responsible for designing photovoltaic farms. Is your plan a profitable photovoltaic farm? Costs, business plan, determining how to invest are also our specialty.


Lighthief is a professional contractor of photovoltaic farms. We often work with RES investors on the development of projects from scratch, that is, we perform the so-called development of photovoltaic power plant projects. The cooperation involves both the preparation of documentation for individual stages and, in the case of completed projects, we conduct advanced “Due Diligence” to assess the quality of a given photovoltaic farm project.

The main problems of Our Investors at this stage:

  • Is the location suitable for building a photovoltaic farm there?
  • How powerful can such a photovoltaic farm be? Is it possible to obtain the requested connection power at the given location?
  • How long will it take to design and obtain all the necessary permits?
  • What are the risks and bottlenecks for such a project, and when is there a risk that it cannot be built? How to calculate and assess risks for a project: profitability, feasibility, ROI.?
  • Photovoltaic farm and costs – what are the costs of the design work and the construction of the photovoltaic power plant itself

Possible solutions and answers:

To address the concerns and questions of Our customers we perform a range of activities from planning and environmental analysis, after Preparation of the Information Sheet of the Project (KiP) until the obtaining a valid Decision on Environmental Conditions for the Investment, we look at the development conditions (KIP is an attachment to the WBD, we apply for the WZ when we have the environmental decision), we submit the Application for terms and conditions for connection to the electricity grid, obtain a construction permit, assist in qualifying for RES auctions, PPA contracts As well as a license for the generation of energy and its sale to the customer to the DSO ( Distribution Network Operator) . Of course, we also price the cost of the work on Our side and the cost of building the photovoltaic farm itself!

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The plane of joint action with the RES investor can also be the purchase or sale of a full photovoltaic farm project, which has already obtained all the necessary environmental approvals, building permits and connection conditions.

The main problems of Our Investors at this stage:

  • Does the project in question have any legal flaws?
  • Is the contract for terms and conditions for connection to the power grid valid and what is the deadline for execution?
  • Will the land on which the photovoltaic farm is to stand be purchased or leased, and does it have any legal defects (for example, encumbering mortgage entries)?
  • What is the price for such a project (usually projects are sold in Euros)?
  • What is the process of buying or selling such a project itself, and what is the guarantee that the investor will own it once the funds are paid?
  • If the project has any legal or design flaws, or if any components need to be replaced, is it possible?, how long will it take? and what will be the costs and consequences?
  • What will be the cost of building a photovoltaic farm based on the project I buy and the cost of the work to be done on the LIGHTHIEF side?

Possible solutions and answers:

Then, on behalf of the Investor, we carry out a full process of verification of such a photovoltaic farm project (so-called “due diligence”). Our team checks many issues related to the project itself at this stage. From the construction project, through the environmental documentation and the Agreement with the Distribution Network Operator. Land records of the plot/land on which the photovoltaic power plant is to be located. We also take a very close look at the construction project and all its components (often, for example, the model of photovoltaic panels has to be replaced and a replacement design has to be made).

If the design of the photovoltaic farm has any errors and defects, it should be determined whether they can be corrected and what the financial and technical costs will be. We also price the scope of Our work and the cost of building such a photovoltaic farm. Finally, we negotiate the purchase or sale price of the project for Our Investor and oversee the entire process of its purchase/sale and transfer of full copyrights.

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We also meet with our Investors at the stage of PHOTOWOLTAIC FARM CONSTRUCTION. When an investor decides that he wants to build a photovoltaic power plant he needs “hard” data. He usually already has a project by then, which he purchased with Our participation or on his own, and has to decide whether and how to create his photovoltaic farm!

The main problems of Our Investors at this stage:

  • What will be the cost of building a photovoltaic farm and the cost of each stage?
  • What is the construction time for a photovoltaic farm?
  • What can delay the timing of the investment?
  • What are the bottlenecks of the entire construction process?
  • Is it necessary to commit all construction funds at once or are payments made in tranches?
  • Are there financing options for building a photovoltaic farm and where to look for them?
  • How soon will a photovoltaic power plant start making money and what is the difference between RES auctions and PPAs?
  • How long will such an investment in a photovoltaic farm pay off?
  • What are the costs of operating a photovoltaic farm once it is built and what is the O&M service?
  • How do you properly select a General Contractor for a photovoltaic farm and why price alone is not a good option?

Possible solutions and answers:

Together with the investor, we determine the timeframe for the implementation of the entire project. We will take care of the financing of photovoltaic farms. We clarify technical issues and make changes to the project, if needed and required. We price the entire construction of a photovoltaic farm and its individual stages. We determine the method of financing the investment (from the Investor’s own funds or a loan). If it is bank financing, we often help with the business plan and gathering the necessary documents. At each stage, the investor is informed about the cost of constructing a photovoltaic power plant and about possible price fluctuations in the components (especially photovoltaic panels, transformer station – trafostation or solar cables). The process must be transparent and transparent to the Investor – then he is able to make all strategic decisions in an informed manner.

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While our search for a clean and green energy source is gaining positive vibes, the renewable energy industry is also open to investment. Like any investment, the renewable energy sector (solar, wind, geothermal) requires consideration of investment horizon and risk tolerance. We should start with the least risky investments that offer the maximum time horizon. Our area of activity is: design of photovoltaic farms, financing of photovoltaic farms and much more. Lighthief is a photovoltaic farm contractors, engaged in their comprehensive implementation. So we build photovoltaic farms with our investors!

The main doubts of Our investors at the stage of choosing an investment in a photovoltaic farm:

  • How is my investment secured?
  • Will the farm be built by people who have experience in this?
  • How will the construction of the photovoltaic farm be financed?
  • What are the main risks of such an investment?
  • When will I start earning and when will my financial contribution be returned?
  • Will I be a shareholder in the special purpose vehicle that will own the photovoltaic farm?
  • Will I be able to sell my shares or my part of this business at any time or do I have to wait a while?
  • How much minimum can I invest in a photovoltaic farm?

When does a photovoltaic farm designer need to obtain a building permit?

According to the construction law, not every installation of photovoltaic panels requires a construction permit. If the construction of the farm is managed by a photovoltaic farm developer, he must notify the fact that construction work has begun only when the installed electrical power exceeds 50 kW.

The contractor of photovoltaic farms submits an application to the district administration, which includes: the design of the photovoltaic farm, the environmental decision (in case the area of the farm exceeds 1 hectare) and the conditions for connection to the electric grid.

Installation of photovoltaic farms cannot begin without a granted license. How can a photovoltaic farm developer get it? After obtaining a construction permit, apply to the President of the Energy Regulatory Authority for a license to generate energy from renewable sources.

On what territory can the installation of photovoltaic farms be performed?

Efficiently obtain energy from the sun using photovoltaic panels. In order for the investment to be profitable, it is necessary to choose a suitable site on which to carry out comprehensive construction of photovoltaic farms. Where to build a photovoltaic farm?

Photovoltaic farm designs should consider plots of land where the panels will be oriented toward the light, without the slightest shading. The best choice is southern exposure.

The contractor of photovoltaic farms must ensure that a public access road leads to the plot and a medium-voltage electrical grid is available.

When creating photovoltaic farm projects, the contractor establishes the site for construction within the plot on class IV land.

Lighthief’s specialty is the comprehensive construction of photovoltaic farms – contact us for more information about completing your investment.

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