Cleaning of photovoltaic panels – Price list

Reasons to wash photovoltaic panels are many! Exactly as many types of dirt that fall on them, reducing their functionality and the yields/profits of PV owners. Read on and learn how cleaning photovoltaic panels affects their subsequent performance and service life.

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Proper cleaning and washing of photovoltaic panels means a longer expected life of each module, and thus a longer remaining life of the photovoltaic system and its higher rate of return. The need for cleaning and cleaning of photovoltaic panels can be demonstrated by testing the performance of the photovoltaic system (No loss of generated energy often more than amortizes the cost of cleaning photovoltaic panels!).

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Cleaning of smaller photovoltaic installations throughout the country

Washing and cleaning of smaller photovoltaic installations

We wash domestic photovoltaic panels nationwide. We also work in hard-to-reach areas. Our employees are certified to work at heights and have equipment from the best manufacturers on the market.

Free access – we do not charge extra for access throughout the country
Fast turnaround times. Our teams travel all over the country every day
It is recommended to wash and clean photovoltaic panels 2 times a year

Washing and cleaning of large photovoltaic farms

For years we have been successfully engaged in cleaning photovoltaic farms using special panel washing machines. We carry out inspections of the condition of the entire installation, thus preventing drops in electricity production. Dirt on the coating of the panels causes a reduction in the incoming sunlight, and thus a decrease in the yield of the entire photovoltaic farm. Building such a large installation requires the use of a large number of photovoltaic panels, which has led 99% of farm owners to use third-party photovoltaic panel cleaning services. Order the cleaning and cleaning of photovoltaic panels 2 times a year and maintain a high level of energy production.

professional machine washes photovoltaic farm

Why do we wash photovoltaic panels?

Any dirt deposited on the surface of photovoltaic panels, such as dust, oily substances, grease, pollen, algae, organic and inorganic deposits, chemical and other dust in peri-industrial and mining areas, as well as bird droppings and the like, reduce the efficiency of photovoltaic panels by up to 30%! In some extreme cases, one dirty and less efficient PV module can cause the power of the entire panel system to drop by ⅓! cleaning photovoltaic panels immediately extends their efficiency.

These losses are especially noticeable on photovoltaic farms, but also on home installations. All photovoltaic installations should generally be wcleaning twice a year, using specialized washing equipment and demineralized water, as well as special cleaning agents that are harmless to the delicate coating of the panels and the environment. Have your photovoltaic panels washed by a professional company that will carry it out in accordance with current standards and using professional means. For farms, the price of cleaning photovoltaic panels will be determined individually.

Rain can wash away dirt visible at a glance, however, grease, grime and organic and inorganic contaminants require professional cleaning and washing of photovoltaic panels, tailored to the individual characteristics of each site. Pollution promotes harmful plant growth (emergence of lichens), which can damage photovoltaic panels. Many contaminants are difficult to recognize with the untrained eye, as they first appear on the edges and frames of photovoltaic panels and then cause shading in these areas. Proper cleaning of photovoltaic panels is the longer expected life of each module, and thus the longer remaining life of the photovoltaic system and its higher rate of return. The need for washing and cleaning of photovoltaic panels can be demonstrated by testing the performance of the photovoltaic system (No loss of generated energy often more than amortizes the cost of cleaning photovoltaic panels!).

Prices with travel nationwide per 1kWp

Price list for solar panel cleaning

up to 5kWp

120 gross
Order a wash

up to 9kWp

100 gross
Order a wash

up to 10kWp

90 gross
Order a wash

above 50kWp

individual pricing .00

Why the myth that photovoltaic panels do not need to be washed?

We all probably remember these slogans: Self-cleaning photovoltaic panels! Placed on buses or wholesalers! This is mainly due to marketing messages from PV vendors. This is a myth – cleaning photovoltaic panels is an important element to keep in mind after purchasing them. It’s hard to explain to customers that they have to perform regular maintenance, wash the photovoltaic panels, see to the whole process, when the seller offers the photovoltaic installation as completely maintenance-free! In addition, the price of cleaning photovoltaic panels is a small cost that will extend the life of the panels, and thus increase the return on investment.

Another aspect, unfortunately, is the message of photovoltaic panel manufacturers. It is not quite right for several reasons. Photovoltaic panels are often coated with special coatings that help with self-cleaning processes. So, with the right angle of the photovoltaic panels, rainwater is able to remove some of the dirt. Unfortunately, this is only some percentage of all dirt, and according to current technological and scientific knowledge, photovoltaic panels should be washed for their proper functioning!

In a study conducted in Spain, researchers measured an average drop in productivity of just 4.4 percent after a year’s accumulation of dust. Sounds like an argument not to wash photovoltaic panels! Most solar panel owners could probably live with that. But the same study also found that during “long periods without rain i.e. more than 30 days, daily energy losses can be higher than 20%. “1 So in a dry climate, where dust accumulation is the main problem, the problem remains fairly simple. Lack of rain causes the accumulation of dust, which can gradually build up, and thus even rain will not be able to remove it! A report from Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 2, which looks at a number of complex variables correlating dust, yields and PV panel cleaning, shows the research. The research makes it clear that letting the rain clean your solar panels is a good decision if and only if you live in the right place on earth (the report says it’s about 5% of Our Planet) and you don’t want your PV installation or farm to make maximum profits! In other cases, the authors of the report strongly suggest cleaning your PV panels!

How do you know when to wash photovoltaic panels? That is, Lighthief’s quick guideTo clean or not to clean

Try to ask yourself some controlling questions….

Do your photovoltaic panels lie fairly flat – between zero and five degrees? If so, they may accumulate more surface contaminants than others.

Do you live in an area where wind gusts from the highway, airport or farmland can bring much more pollution? If so, the air in your area may contain large amounts of dust.

Is precipitation infrequent enough to allow heavy dust accumulation? If so, you may need to at least spray the panels with water.

Do you live in an area exposed to industrial smog or fire smoke pollution? If so, you may find oily “soggy” stains on the surface of the solar panels, which neither water nor rain may flush away.

Is your house surrounded by tall trees? If so, you may notice an accumulation of fallen leaves and/or bird droppings on the panels.

Did you just go through a high pollen count season? If so, you may find a sticky residue that prevents rain from cleaning away dirt and dust. Is your local climate humid enough for moss to overgrow your home? If so, you can’t assume that rain keeps your panels clean? Then rain can be a problem, and that’s what will make the photovoltaic panels dirtier and dirtier.

Should I wash photovoltaic panels myself or order a consultation with a professional provider of such services?

Ideally, you want to wash photovoltaic panels in a way that tilts the balance between cost, labor, and potential performance improvements in your favor!

If it seems clear to you that your photovoltaic panels need cleaning one way or another, the next step is to determine the best way to go.

Consider the following list of questions, based on your observations, to help you make an informed choice:

  • Does the accumulation of dirt on PV panels appear to be mainly dust, or are there more sticky substances such as bird droppings, pollen and smoke in the mix?
  • Can the photovoltaic panels be sprayed with a garden hose from the ground, or will a ladder be needed?
  • Is there a safe way – by ladder or otherwise – to climb to the roof if necessary?
  • Are your photovoltaic panels mounted far enough away from the edge of the roof so that you can move around and position yourself to safely reach each one?
  • Do your roofing and roof pitch create a safe platform for your work? Or is the roof too high, steep, brittle or slippery?
  • Do you own a small photovoltaic installation or one over 40KW or a large photovoltaic farm?
  • Isn’t it sometimes cheaper, safer and easier to contact a professional photovoltaic panel cleaning company?

You may have taken into account the variables and summarized the technical resources you have on hand. Then you came to the conclusion that cleaning photovoltaic panels yourself is not for you! For example, you may have realized that:

  • Your roof is too high, too steep or too slippery to walk on.
  • You don’t have a ladder or the right tools for cleaning, and the idea of buying and storing equipment that you can only use once a year doesn’t make sense.
  • You have physical limitations that make climbing ladders and climbing roofs a rather sketchy proposition.
  • You are running your own business and don’t have time to wash photovoltaic panels especially if it is a photovoltaic installation over 40Kw or a large photovoltaic farm.
  • You just would rather not be the one doing all the work.

    For many solar customers, professional washing and cleaning of photovoltaic panels may be the most cost-effective option!

Take advantage of Lighthief’s offer – send the form and schedule a consultation. We will dispel any doubts about cleaning photovoltaic panels or calculate what the price of washing photovoltaic panels above 50kWp will be.

See how we clean photovoltaic panels

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