Receipt of photovoltaic modules from Olesno

Collection of photovoltaic modules from Olesno , in Opole province.

What happened to photovoltaic panels? Why did the owner have to recycle them? And finally, can the panels be thrown in the garbage?

Typically, a domestic photovoltaic installation is placed on the roof of a building. This solution for single-family houses is right for several reasons. First of all, it is a matter of placing the photovoltaic panels in such a place that they are not shaded by anything. Another reason is to save space. The backyard, garden or lawn in front of the house remain further space for use if the photovoltaic installation is mounted on the roof.

However, the biggest advantage of placing a solar system on the roof is its safety, as our customer, who placed his installation on the ground, found out. Of course, it is not always possible to install photovoltaic panels at height.

photovoltaic installation on the roof

Receipt of photovoltaic modules from Olesno – what happened to the modules?

We received an email notification from a resident of Olesno, Opolskie Province, that he has about 20 JinKo panels of 450W each to recycle. What necessitated their disposal? Photovoltaic installation about 1 year old. Panels under warranty. Fortunately, insured. So what happened? Vandalism, that is, the external action of a man who, out of malice?, boredom? or other reasons known to himself , damaged the modules. The panels were located in the square behind the house, the plot fenced. It is not known who shattered the panels and why, but they required replacement. The insurance policy covered such events but the condition for payment of compensation was a certificate that the photovoltaic modules had been recycled.

So the owner first reported to the insurer and then to Us. The insurer provided an estimate but, as we wrote earlier, requested confirmation that the panels had been recycled.

Such a certificate is what we issue for insurers. The reception of the photovoltaic panels alone took our team 3 hours. Getting there, loading and returning. Therefore, after the gentlemen returned from Olesno, we were able to give the customer the document required by the insurer.

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