Solar power plant project – 0.998 MW in the province. Silesian

Solar power plant project – we check the correctness of the documentation of a photovoltaic farm with a capacity of 0.998 MW in the province. SLE.

Silesia a region in southern Poland where insolation is well above the national average of insolation. The average insolation in Poland ranges from 950 to 1,100 kWh per square meter. For this reason, projects located in the Silesian region have quite a bit of potential.

Just, is every project a good project? Is it worth it to invest money in building a purchased project? And most importantly, is it worth buying a photovoltaic power plant project at all?

Solar power plant project – we check

We were referred by a client who received a proposal to purchase a 0.998 MW photovoltaic farm project located in the northern part of the Silesian province.

Since the prospective, future owner was unable (like most people entering the world of RES) to assess both the value and quality of the project, he turned to Us. He commissioned us to perform a study Due Diligence .

Project documentation

As standard, we started the order by providing the client with a list of required documents. To begin with, documents related to the right to dispose of land, then documents related to the environment, development conditions, construction permits and also documents related to connection conditions (and the connection agreement). Plus, of course, any paperwork related to easements, cable routes or construction projects.

The completed documentation allowed us to analyze:

  1. Correctness of preparation of documentation.
  2. Correctness in the selection of components (panels, inverters, design).
  3. Maintaining the set deadlines.

The final verified design of the photovoltaic farm based on JinKo 460W panels and HUAWEI SUN2000-185KTL inverters turned out to be executed correctly. It was also important to check the arrangement of the tables on which the modules were to be mounted. The evaluation of the PZT (Land Use Plan) allowed us to mark the area green, or positive. We also verified the distance of the power plant to the point of connection to the grid and the time remaining to connect the farm.

The 0.998 MW photovoltaic power plant we checked should be connected to the grid by February 2025.

Therefore, after reviewing all the information contained in the documentation and the deadlines associated with the farm, the project received a positive recommendation from Us.

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