Verification of photovoltaic installation with a capacity of 5.22 kWp – Zawiercie, province. Silesian

Verification of 5.22 kWp photovoltaic installation – Zawiercie , voivodship. Silesia . A photovoltaic system installed on the roof of an outbuilding.

A homeowner with a 5.22 kWp photovoltaic system consisting of 12 Longi LR-HTH panels of 435 watts each and a GoodWE GW5 K-ET inverter reported a decrease in energy production. Installation installed more than 2 years ago, and unfortunately the installer has already disappeared from the market The customer independently analyzed the online monitoring data, so he noticed a drop in performance.

Verification of photovoltaic installation – gathering basic information

After detecting a drop in performance, the customer contacted us. We have gathered the necessary information, viz:

  • When was the installation installed?
  • When was the drop in performance of the photovoltaic system noticed?
  • Is there a message popping up on the inverter?

After getting their complete answers, our service technician went to the site to make a detailed inspection. Even a preliminary inspection pointed to a possible reason for the decline in performance of the entire system. This is because it turned out that one of the photovoltaic modules had a cracked glass. The likely cause of the damage is mechanical damage. After recent windstorms, a tree branch breaking off before falling to the ground first fell on one of the panels. Despite the noticeable defect, our service technician also checked the other components of the installation. Connectors, cables, and inverter.

GoodWe GW5 K-ET inverter

Another part of the photovoltaic installation service was measurements. These, in turn, confirmed the possible cause, that is, failure of the photovoltaic module.

Therefore, we arranged with the customer to replace the damaged panel with a new one.

The service technician replaced the damaged panel with a new one of the same type and power. After replacing the panel, power production returned to normal.

Checking the micro photovoltaic system – it’s worth checking than waiting for a breakdown

Regular servicing of a photovoltaic system is crucial for its proper operation and maximum efficiency. Online monitoring allows problems to be detected quickly and appropriate action taken.


  • It is recommended to service the photovoltaic system once a year.
  • If you notice a decrease in energy production or other abnormalities, contact the service center.

Summary of photovoltaic installation review:

Location: Zawiercie , voivodship. śląskie / roof

Power: 5.22 kWp

Components: Longi LR-HTH photovoltaic panels of 435 wat ts each and GoodWE GW5 K-ET inverter

The reason for the drop in plant performance: Mechanically damaged photovoltaic panel

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