Cracked photovoltaic panels – collection of modules from a farm near Wroclaw, Poland

Cracked photovoltaic panels – collection of modules from a farm near Wroclaw, in the province of Lower Silesia . When the panels located on the site of a photovoltaic power plant begin to crack then sooner or later they must be replaced.

The problem of cracking photovoltaic panels on solar farms has been a growing issue in our Polish reality for some time. It is mainly associated with high-power, bifacial panels. Bifacial modules, which are double-sided active modules made with internal thin layers of amorphous silicon.

Cracked photovoltaic panels

We received a notification from a customer on whose farm JinKo 545 Wp bifacial panels were installed. During an inspection of the power plant, workers noticed cracks on the modules. They were able to divide the damage they noticed into 2 types. The first was longitudinal cracks from glue to glue, running across the entire surface of the module. Another, on the other hand, is cylindrical, egg-shaped without a central spot (such as that created by an impact with, for example, a stone). Technicians were unable to determine the cause of the damage. Faced with the noted damage, the owner decided to replace the panels with new ones. The farm was insured by the owner after it was built and yet the modules are still under warranty, as the plant has only been in operation for 2 years.

Damaged panel

The condition for the payment of insurance compensation, for the replacement panels, is the receipt of a certificate that we recycled the destroyed photovoltaic modules.

Going to get panels for the farm

Panels as it turned out we had more than 300 pieces to collect. The panels were not bent. Therefore, our client’s employees arranged them on pallets. We arrived at the pickup site early in the morning so that we could efficiently load the photovoltaic scrap and return to base in peace. As we were picking up modules from the photovoltaic farm, we had to team up with the workers operating the facility. They opened the gate for us and disarmed the alarm so that we could enter the plant at all. As agreed, the workers arrived at the farm almost simultaneously with us, so we proceeded to load the pallets onto the car without delay.

The loading work went smoothly, so we were able to make our way back quite quickly. At the base, unload the car and hand over the cargo for recycling.

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