Photovoltaic installation not working – what is the cause?

Photovoltaic installation not working – what is the cause? The company setting up the photovoltaics disappeared from the market and with it disappeared the ability to ask “what’s going on that doesn’t work?”

Unfortunately, our client, like many others, was left alone with his photovoltaic installation. Mostly this happens when the company that installs photovoltaics closes down after some time after the installation. Then, despite attempts to contact the customer, this contact does not happen.

We were approached by a customer whose inverter-communicated application showed no indication. That is, the app had been indicating a lack of production for some time.

While still on the phone, our service technician asked the customer for information about potential errors that might have been communicated on the inverter. However, the customer was completely unable to determine what he was seeing and whether what he was seeing was ok or not – the installation was supposed to work!

Photovoltaic installation not working – we check

We made an appointment with the customer for a service technician to look at the problem.

Photovoltaic installation not working

Since it was the lack of indications on the app that the customer mainly reported, it was the app that we checked first. The customer fortunately had his login information in a safe place saved so after reviewing the status of the application, we asked the customer if he had recently changed internet provider, for example.

It turned out that in fact some time ago the customer had changed both the Internet provider and the router. Therefore, it was necessary to reconfigure the “inverter-phone” connection. Thus, the final, non-functioning photovoltaic installation was not working at all! It worked all the time and only by not communicating properly did it seem “broken”.

Of course, while at the customer’s site, we also checked the condition of the panels, cables and inverter – here we found no defects.

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