Photovoltaic installation – service, Klobuck near Czestochowa

Photovoltaic installation – service, Klobuck near Częstochowa in the Silesia .

It all started as usual with a phone call from a customer who reported a drop in the performance of his photovoltaic installation. After a brief conversation and gathering basic information about the installation, we scheduled an appointment for an accurate diagnosis of the problem.

The installation was installed on the pitched roof of a single-family house with an area. Photovoltaic panels – Longs of 375W each, were arranged in two rows of 7. On the other hand, the inverter – SolarEdge SE5000H was installed in the garage.


Upon arrival at the customer’s site, we conducted a detailed inspection of the installation. Our team checked all components, including panels, inverter, wiring and safety features. It turned out that the cause of the problem was an overheating inverter.

Photovoltaic installation - service

Repair or replacement with a new one?

After diagnosing the problem, we presented the client with an action plan. First of all, it was necessary to “dust off” the inverter and its surroundings. In the four years since it was installed, it has never been cleaned. The vents were completely clogged by dust and other debris collected on it.

Cleaning an inverter is a relatively simple operation, but it requires sufficient experience and qualification. It is important to do this thoroughly when performing inverter cleaning. 🙂 It is also important that if the inverter is completely damaged due to overheating, the manufacturer may not recognize the warranty! He can point to improper use as the reason.

After completing the inspection of the installation, we conducted control tests to ensure that the installation was working properly. The test results were normal, so the customer was able to once again enjoy the full performance of his photovoltaic system.

Photovoltaic installation – service, Klobuck near Czestochowa – SUMMARY:


  • Model: Longi LR6-60PE-375H
  • Power: 375 Wp
  • Quantity: 14 pieces


  • Model: SolarEdge SE5000H

Reason for service:

A drop in the efficiency of the photovoltaic system, as it turned out, caused by an overheating inverter.

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