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The chaotic history of photovoltaics

The chaotic history of photovoltaics Long before the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, which sparked environmental awareness and support for conservation, scientists were making the first discoveries in the field of solar energy. It all started with Edmond Becquerel, a young physicist working in France. It was he who in 1839 observed and … Read more

Financing a photovoltaic farm?

Financing a photovoltaic farm? Do you want to build your photovoltaic farm but don’t know how to go about it on the financial side? Here a rather ”juicy” podcast featuring Konrad, who specializes in obtaining financing for renewable energy sources. Konrad has been working with Nami for some time and I appreciate him for his … Read more

Photovoltaic installation – service, Klobuck near Czestochowa

Photovoltaic installation – service, Klobuck near Częstochowa in the Silesia . It all started as usual with a phone call from a customer who reported a drop in the performance of his photovoltaic installation. After a brief conversation and gathering basic information about the installation, we scheduled an appointment for an accurate diagnosis of the … Read more

Overview of photovoltaic microinstallation in Częstochowa

Review of photovoltaic micro-installation in Częstochowa Częstochowa in the province of. Silesia it is here that our team was commissioned to carry out a review of the photovoltaic installation. The photovoltaic installation located on the ground in the garden next to a single-family house consists of JinKo panels and a HUAWEI inverter. The total capacity … Read more


Lighthief is innovation, technology and science in the service of recycling photovoltaic panels and wind farms. The company's topics of interest touch on recovery and recycling in the broadest sense, mainly in the field of RES, or renewable energy sources.


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