solar panel cleaning

Monitoring of photovoltaic parks

Monitorowanie farm fotowoltaicznych

Monitoring of photovoltaic parks The Revolution in Photovoltaic Farm Monitoring: Innovative Solutions for Maximum Efficiency The photovoltaic sector is currently experiencing a real renaissance, being one of the fastest growing sources of renewable electricity. As the number of solar farms grows, so does the need for advanced monitoring systems to fully control and optimize their … Read more

We service and clean photovoltaics Warsaw

Serwisujemy i myjemy fotowoltaikę Warszawa

We service and clean photovoltaics Warsaw Servicing home photovoltaic systems is crucial for several reasons. Regular maintenance and inspection can ensure optimal performance, longer system life and safety. Why service photovoltaic installations? We service and clean photovoltaics Warsaw. Main problems found by service technicians: We service and clean photovoltaics Warsaw. Regular servicing of photovoltaic systems … Read more

To clean or not to clean photovoltaics?

To clean or not to clean photovoltaics? Why do so many of the users of photovoltaic installations believe that they should not be cleaned? Where do the myths come from that the modules will be cleaned by rain and energy will flow from them like a mythical ”perpetual motion machine”? In the world of sustainable … Read more

Recycling of photovoltaic panels – responsibility and opportunity for the environment

Panel recycling photovoltaic – responsibility and opportunity for the environment. Photovoltaic panels are an increasingly popular source of electricity. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels, and their use contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Like any product, photovoltaic panels have a certain lifespan. After its expiration, it should be disposed of. This … Read more


Lighthief is innovation, technology and science in the service of recycling photovoltaic panels and wind farms. The company's topics of interest touch on recovery and recycling in the broadest sense, mainly in the field of RES, or renewable energy sources.


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