The chaotic history of photovoltaics

The chaotic history of photovoltaics Long before the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, which sparked environmental awareness and support for conservation, scientists were making the first discoveries in the field of solar energy. It all started with Edmond Becquerel, a young physicist working in France. It was he who in 1839 observed and … Read more

The forgotten Jan Czochralski

The forgotten Jan Czochralski Jan Czochralski was a Polish chemist and metallurgist whose research had a tremendous impact on the development of electronics and semiconductor technology, mainly through the development of a method for growing silicon monocrystals, known today as the Czochralski method. Born in Kcynia, Greater Poland, on October 23, 1885, Czochralski began his … Read more

Checking a non-functioning photovoltaic installation

Checking a non-functioning photovoltaic installation located on the roof of a garage at a single-family house in Myszków in the Silesia . The components that make up a photovoltaic installation have a specific warranty. Whether photovoltaic panels, inverter or design. On the other hand, the solar system that is supposed to lower our bills sometimes … Read more

Photovoltaic farm project – verification of documentation

Photovoltaic farm project – verification of documentation Investment in a photovoltaic farm is a serious undertaking that requires careful consideration before implementation. Checking the project documentation, that is Due Diligence of a solar power plant project. Well-drafted documentation is an important factor for the proper implementation of the project, as future owners of photovoltaic farms … Read more

Overview: photovoltaic installation in Olsztyn

Inspection: photovoltaic installation, that is, checking the condition and operation of the solar power plant after 2 years of operation. “I need a check, a sort of farm inspection, of my installation,” he said. A customer approached Us with these words, and when asked if there was anything troubling with the installation, he emphatically denied … Read more

Artificial Intelligence vs. solar farms

Artificial Intelligence vs. solar farms We all hear the media hype, science hype and often a bit of PR hype around artificial intelligence (AI). Today’s smart technologies can revolutionize almost any industry, including renewable energy. For example, let’s take a peek at a rather interesting 2021 World Economic Forum publication. ”Using Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate … Read more


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