Inspections of photovoltaic installations – Olesno

Inspections of photovoltaic installations – Olesno in the province of Opolskie .

As the classic says – when it’s winter, it must be cold 🙂 But does the cold affect the performance of the photovoltaic system? Do our small power plants produce less electricity in the winter?

Of course! The answer to both questions is yes. A customer who approached us was concerned about the high bill he received from the power company. In comparison, his neighbor who also has a photovoltaic installation did not get a “horror bill.”

Photovoltaic installation reviews – two systems, almost twin conditions…. but are they really?

So our service technicians went to Olesno, located in the Opole province. Both installations mounted on the roofs of single-family houses. Less than two years old, with a capacity of 8.90 kWp each. The same installer, which unfortunately has now disappeared from the market, installed inverters SolarEdge .

Inspections of photovoltaic installations

So our team rode to the site and, with an initial visual inspection and restoration of the PV installation performance preview on the application at our client’s site, began a step-by-step check of the “faulty” installation. It turned out that the installation was working properly and there were no defects that could adversely affect the operation of the photovoltaic system. So why does the plant produce less than its neighbor?

Nothing could be further from the truth! Both plants have production at similar levels. On the other hand, the reason for the huge bill that went to our client was the amount of electricity he used. Due to the frosts that prevailed several days in a row in Poland (then it even fell record for power demand ) our client reheated the house with electric heaters. After analyzing the electricity bill, we could only confirm our suspicions. Unfortunately, the production from the panels did not cover the needs and energy needs of the house. Therefore, the electricity consumption was so high that a cosmic amount appeared on the bill.

To summarize. Both photovoltaic systems are working properly. The production of them is adequate for the season and weather conditions. The only drawback is the amount of energy absorbed by the generator, i.e. autoconsumption.

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