Taking delivery of panels for recycling

We take delivery of the panels for recycling. More than 80 photovoltaic modules destroyed.

What to do with photovoltaic panels that are broken and in storage?

Simply put – it’s best to get rid of them! But how? This was the topic our client was pondering before he called us. He came forward less than two weeks ago asking what he could do with the photovoltaic modules he had backlogged in his warehouse. The panels were damaged at different times and for different reasons. The photovoltaic installation company has been in business for more than 5 years, and during this time it has managed to accumulate quite a number of damaged panels in its warehouse. Damage of varied origin. This ranges from transportation damage to damage during installation to damage associated with rearranging them in storage. In the end, more than 80 modules were collected at the customer’s warehouse. JinKo, JaSolar and Astronergy are the main protagonists of the lineup for the recycling .

Taking delivery of panels for recycling

One of the standard questions asked of the customer in addition to the quantity, type and model of panels is the question of transportation. The customer has a choice:

  • Use of our transportation,
  • Bringing photovoltaic scrap by courier or shipping,
  • Bringing in the modules for recycling yourself,

This time the installation company from Silesia decided to bring the panels to us itself. All that was left for our guys was to help unload.

Unloading of damaged photovoltaic panels

The unloading of more than 80 damaged photovoltaic panels went smoothly for our team so shortly after arrival, the driver was able to return to his home. Eighty panels, each with an average weight of 20 kg so a total of more than 1,600 kg. Therefore, the transport came in two cars. Although many companies have a backlog of defective photovoltaic panels in stock, unfortunately they are not recycled. And yet recycling is about returning materials to life again. Therefore, it is worth remembering.

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