Overview of photovoltaic microinstallation in Częstochowa

Review of photovoltaic micro-installation in Częstochowa

Częstochowa in the province of. Silesia it is here that our team was commissioned to carry out a review of the photovoltaic installation. The photovoltaic installation located on the ground in the garden next to a single-family house consists of JinKo panels and a HUAWEI inverter. The total capacity of the domestic power plant is 10 kWp. And it was put into service in 2020.

Review of the photovoltaic micro-installation on the roof of the production hall

Photovoltaic microinstallation inspection – step one – visual inspection

The review began with a visual inspection of the installation. Therefore, our team checked the condition of the photovoltaic panels, support structure, inverter and wires. The panels were soiled in the lower part, right next to the frames and additionally feathered with bird droppings, but undamaged. Next: The support structure was stable and showed no signs of corrosion. On the other hand, the inverter worked properly, and the wires were in good condition.

Step Two – Performance Measurement

The next step in the inspection was to measure the performance of the installation. For this we used a professional energy meter (that is, in our case it was a Sonnel). The measurement showed that the installation was working properly, so all results were within the limits of the norm.

The results of the inspection, or is everything ok?

During the review, it was found that minor improvements were needed. Thus:
The photovoltaic panels needed to be cleaned of dust and dirt deposits and bird droppings. In addition, we had to tighten the photovoltaic panels in several places.


An inspection of the photovoltaic installation in Czestochowa showed that the system is working properly and does not require any major repairs . On the other hand, we recommended cleaning of photovoltaic panels – at the earliest possible date (that is, as soon as possible in the spring).

Inspection of a photovoltaic system is an important activity to keep the system in good working order. Regular maintenance helps prevent breakdowns and ensure optimal plant performance.

Inspection of the photovoltaic system should be carried out at least once a year.

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