Audit of photovoltaic farm – 1MW near Częstochowa

Audit of photovoltaic farm – 1 MW near Częstochowa, in the province of Silesia .

Our client, who is taking his first steps in investing in Renewable Energy Sources ( RES ) decided to invest the funds in the purchase of a ready-made photovoltaic farm. What should guide his purchase? What to look out for? What could be a potential risk when investing?

The solar power plant our client was thinking of buying is located in the Silesian province, not far from Częstochowa. It was put into service less than two years ago and has been running smoothly ever since.

Photovoltaic farm audit – what did we check?

First, for the client, we checked the documentation. Its completeness and the compliance of the execution of the farm in accordance with it. So we started by giving the client a list of documents necessary for the analysis. Starting with the issued decisions on Development Conditions, followed by the obtained Connection Conditions (and the signed connection agreement with the Electricity Company) and ending with the signed acceptance by Tauron. We also analyzed the current PPA contract.

The client also provided us with: project documentation, construction and detailed design, report on thermal imaging of inverters and cabling, report on thermal imaging of photovoltaic panels, operational recommendations, results of resistance continuity measurements, results of DC side measurements including current and voltage, power plant commissioning protocols, environmental decision, photovoltaic modules data sheet, inverter data sheet, transformer data sheet, technical and commissioning documentation of the farm.

We then made a visit to the farm where we inspected its condition. Both visually and on the measurement side.

Photovoltaic farm audit

The farm is fenced, with monitoring installed. A photovoltaic power plant equipped with HUAWEI SUN2000-105KTL-H1 inverters (one of the leading manufacturers) and Jinko Solar JKM535M-72HL-4-BDVP photovoltaic modules.

A field visit to the photovoltaic farm allowed us to prepare a report, supplemented by conclusions from the analysis of documentation.

Our recommendation gave the customer the green light to purchase the finished photovoltaic farm.

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