Taking delivery of panels for recycling

We take delivery of the panels for recycling. More than 80 photovoltaic modules destroyed. What to do with photovoltaic panels that are broken and in storage? Simply put – it’s best to get rid of them! But how? This was the topic our client was pondering before he called us. He came forward less than … Read more

Audit of photovoltaic farm – 1MW near Częstochowa

Audit of photovoltaic farm – 1 MW near Częstochowa, in the province of Silesia . Our client, who is taking his first steps in investing in Renewable Energy Sources ( RES ) decided to invest the funds in the purchase of a ready-made photovoltaic farm. What should guide his purchase? What to look out for? … Read more

Overview: photovoltaic installation in Olsztyn

Inspection: photovoltaic installation, that is, checking the condition and operation of the solar power plant after 2 years of operation. “I need a check, a sort of farm inspection, of my installation,” he said. A customer approached Us with these words, and when asked if there was anything troubling with the installation, he emphatically denied … Read more


Lighthief is innovation, technology and science in the service of recycling photovoltaic panels and wind farms. The company's topics of interest touch on recovery and recycling in the broadest sense, mainly in the field of RES, or renewable energy sources.


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