Overview: photovoltaic installation in Olsztyn

Inspection: photovoltaic installation, that is, checking the condition and operation of the solar power plant after 2 years of operation.

“I need a check, a sort of farm inspection, of my installation,” he said.

A customer approached Us with these words, and when asked if there was anything troubling with the installation, he emphatically denied it. He even said that everything works just fine, but….
“You know, it’s better to chill and prevent instead of fixing!”

Of course, we couldn’t disagree more. So after exchanging basic information with the client, we were able to set a deadline for the order.


Location: Olsztyn , voivodship. Silesia
Installation power: 40 kWp
Installation site: roof, ballast structure
Inverter: HUAWEI SUN2000-36KTL-M3
Panels: Ja Solar 410W / 97 units

The tasks of our team are to check the condition of the structure, visually inspect the visual condition of the photovoltaic modules and take measurements.

Overview: photovoltaic installation – visual inspection

As standard, we started with a visual inspection. We had no problems getting on the roof, so we carefully checked the condition of the panels and structure. What were we looking for? On the modules: cracks, dirt or visible, for example, snail trails. Fortunately, cracks or defects were not diagnosed, but the degree of dirt on the panels deserved attention. The apparent accumulation of dirt, especially at the frames, was met in a later report with a recommendation to cleaning the installation. We also checked that the solar cables going to the inverter are not loose or damaged. Everything was in order.

Then, using the SONEL MPI-540-PV meter along with the IRM-1 insolation and temperature meter, we took measurements. Starting with a polarity check, by measuring the continuity of the wires, then measuring the insulation resistance of the AC and DC side wires. The next measurements are those of grounding resistance, short-circuit loop impedance (along with the evaluation of fire protection effectiveness), and finally the measurement of module chain voltages and currents.

Overview: photovoltaic installation

We provided the results of the measurements, along with the results of the visual inspection, to the client in the form of a report.

We had no objections to the operation and condition of the photovoltaic plant, except for the recommendation, mentioned above, to clean the plant.

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