Damaged photovoltaic modules – reception from a farm near Konin

Defective photovoltaic modules – reception from a farm near Konin in the voivodeship Wielkopolskie , or what is left after the construction of a photovoltaic farm.

When a developer decides to build a photovoltaic farm, he tries to anticipate all possible variants of how the construction will go. When planning the purchase of components, he should also consider the purchase of additional photovoltaic panels. There are several reasons but the most tangible reason is the failure of the modules being assembled. Damage can occur both during transport and as a result of mechanical damage during installation. Then comes the need to replace them. If there are spare photovoltaic panels on the site of the power plant under construction, then they can be replaced right away and if there are no spare panels, then you have to wait for them. Nevertheless, in every variant, defective modules remain on the photovoltaic farm.

Damaged photovoltaic modules

Damaged photovoltaic modules

Such a situation occurred at a freshly built farm near Konin. 44 pieces of JinKo 545W modules were damaged when they were punctured by a forklift. A moment’s inattention was enough for the photovoltaic panels to have 2 holes. Therefore, the owner approached Us to recycle them. He was driven by 2 reasons. The need to show a certificate to the insurer to receive compensation and the need to keep things in order.

By phone and later also by email, we arranged the details of the pickup. The damaged photovoltaic panels lay stacked on two pallets near the transformer station. Our team left early in the morning towards Konin. After about three hours, the men were on the spot. Moments later, the owner’s employee also appeared in front of the entrance gate to open the gate. The cargo weighed just under a ton and a half so it took a while to get the panels into the car. We handed over the KPO, or Waste Transfer Card, to the customer, and our team returned to base.

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