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We design and construct solar farms and photovoltaic installations across Europe, as well as in Morocco, Nigeria, the UK, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, and the USA.

We build solar farms on the ground, on building rooftops, and on homes and villas. If you need a quote or advice, don’t hesitate to contact our office.

We supply all the components necessary for the construction of solar farms, along with a highly qualified team of experts in the field of energy and engineering.

We also provide comprehensive O&M service for installations and solar power plants created by us and energy sales through our Energy Trading Company.


We often meet with our investors during the construction phase of photovoltaic/solar farms. When an investor decides to build a photovoltaic power plant, they need „hard” data. They often have a project in hand, which they have purchased with our assistance or independently. They must decide whether and how to create their photovoltaic/solar farm.

The main concerns of our investors at this stage include:

  1. What will be the cost of building a solar farm and the costs of individual stages?
  2. What is the timeline for building a photovoltaic/solar farm?
  3. What could delay the project’s completion time?
  4. What are the bottlenecks in the entire construction process?
  5. Should all financial resources be immediately committed to construction, or are payments made in installments?
  6. Are there financing options for building a photovoltaic/solar farm, and where can they be found?
  7. How quickly will the photovoltaic power plant start earning? What is the difference between Renewable Energy Auctions and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)? How do you sell energy from such a farm?
  8. How long will it take for such an investment in a solar farm to pay off?
  9. What are the operating costs of a photovoltaic/solar farm after its construction, and what is the O&M service?
  10. How to correctly choose a General Contractor for a solar farm, and why is price alone not a good criterion?

BUILDING SOLAR FARMS IN EUROPE. Possible solutions and answers:

Together with the investor, we define the timeframe for the entire investment. We ensure financing for solar farms, specify technical issues, and make changes to the project if needed and required. Lighthief provides cost estimates for the entire construction of a photovoltaic/solar farm and its stages. We determine the financing method for the investment (from the investor’s funds or through a loan). We often assist with business plans and collect necessary documents if it’s bank financing. The investor is informed throughout each stage about the costs of building a solar power plant. Also, about possible fluctuations in the prices of parts (especially solar panels, transformer stations, or solar cables). The process must be transparent and clear for investors, enabling them to make informed strategic decisions.


Lighthief is a professional EPC contractor of solar farms. We often collaborate with Renewable Energy investors from the beginning of projects, creating so-called „development projects” of photovoltaic power plants. Our cooperation includes the preparation of documentation for various stages. In the case of completed projects, we conduct advanced „Due Diligence” to assess the quality of the photovoltaic farm project.

The main concerns of our investors at this stage include:

  1. Is the location suitable for the construction of a solar farm?
  2. What capacity can a photovoltaic/solar farm have? Is it possible to obtain the requested connection power in the given location?
  3. How long will the process of designing and obtaining all necessary permits take?
  4. What are the risks and bottlenecks for such a project, and when is a risk that may not be realized? How do you calculate and assess a specific project’s risks: profitability, implementation possibilities, ROI?
  5. Solar farm costs – what are the costs of project work and the construction of the photovoltaic power plant?
  6. Where can solar farms be installed?

BUILDING SOLAR FARMS IN EUROPE. Solar farms efficiently harness solar energy with PV modules. To make the investment profitable, you must choose the right location for the comprehensive construction of photovoltaic farms.

Where to build a solar farm?

Solar farm projects should consider plots where panels can capture sunlight without shading. South exposure is the best choice. The executor of photovoltaic farms must ensure a public access road to the plot and access to a medium-voltage electrical network. When creating photovoltaic farm projects, the executor determines the area for construction within the land plot classified as class IV. Lighthief’s specialization is comprehensive photovoltaic farm construction.

The construction of solar farms is becoming increasingly profitable for several reasons:

  1. Decreasing costs of solar panels: The price of photovoltaic panels has dramatically decreased in recent years, making investments in photovoltaics more accessible to average consumers and businesses.
  2. Improved efficiency of solar panels: New technologies and research continuously improve the efficiency of solar panels, allowing them to generate more energy from the same amount of sunlight.
  3. Development of energy infrastructure: Developed energy infrastructure and government support in many countries create favorable conditions for investing in solar farms. Access to the electrical grid and support systems for renewable energy sources is now widely available.
  4. Environmental awareness: Growing environmental awareness and concern for the environment prompt many individuals and companies to invest in solar energy as a more eco-friendly alternative.
  5. Long-term savings: After installing a photovoltaic farm, owners can save on electricity bills for many years. Investments in solar panels often pay off within a few years and then generate profits for many years.
  6. Support programs and tax incentives: In some countries, government programs and tax incentives encourage investment in solar energy, significantly reducing photovoltaic farms’ construction and operation costs.
  7. Rising energy prices: Increasing electricity prices make photovoltaics a more attractive option, as it allows avoiding a portion of the costs associated with purchasing traditional electricity.

BUILDING SOLAR FARMS IN EUROPE. However, it is essential to remember that the profitability of a solar project may vary. Depending on location, sunlight availability, installation costs, and specific market conditions.

Before deciding to build a solar farm, conducting a thorough profitability analysis and consulting with industry experts is always advisable.

If you are interested in recycling Your solar modules or investing in solar farms, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at +48 797 897 895 or

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